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Empro released! FREE software (update every month) (Win7 and Vista)

release note for v1.2.4.1 (2012/4/6):
  • Improved audio quality.

  • Add "troubleshoot audio quality"page.

  • Suggestion to users: Open the Microsoft Media Player and select any visualization for audio (e.g. play any mp3 file, right-click to select Visualizations->Battery->Randomization). Empro will display the selected visualization during the playback accordingly.

Free Download Empro Free Download (6.4MB) (v1.2.4.1)    Take a Tour of Empro  

Have you heard a melody that you love so much when you watch YouTube or visiting a web site and you wish you could record it? Empro is the tool for you. Have you wanted to record an old song for your mom and dad? Empro is the tool for you. And more...

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What is Empro for?

  • It records "what you hear" on your PC to a high quality MP3 file. It automatically splits audio into tracts by detecting silence in between.

  • It is a total solution to record audio, organize and playback on Windows 7 or Vista.

  • It normalizes MP3 volume automatically, so you don't need to roll up or down the volume knob while you play back recorded MP3.

  • It removes "unwanted", system generated sound during recording (like "ka-ka" sound when you click a URL). It only keeps the sound you want to keep.

  • It lets you "tag" MP3 easily (multi-language supported!). i.e., You could use it to change MP3 title, artist name, rating, album photo.

  • It lets you organize your MP3 collection. You could sort them by title, artist, rate, created date, plays.

  • You could create or modify playlists easily by dragdroping (or from menu) from your collection.

  • You could import your existing MP3 to Empro by dragdroping (or from menu).

  • You could export MP3 or playlists to any folder of the Windows Explorer. Then you could import them to your MP3 devices (e.g.,iPod via iTune).

  • You could use Empro to play back MP3 with embedded Media Player.

Empro is 100% clean and safe to install.

What Operating System (OS) does Empro support?

    Windows 7 and Vista

Top Benefits of Empro When Compared To Other Similar Products?

  1. Virus free
  2. It is virus free. Unlike downloading files via a P2P service, Empro only deals with bits of sound. You don't deal with files that may contain a virus.

  3. As long as you could hear, you can record
  4. It gives you more choices with your own taste. As long as you could hear you could use Empro to record. That means that you could record sound from YouTube, radio stations, or your own CD.

  5. No driver or special hardware needed
  6. Compared with other similar softwares to record "what you hear", Empro doesn't use driver, doesn't require special hardware capability of your sound card, It simply works with supported OS.

  7. It is legal
  8. You may get a legal problem when you download a unknown P2P file. It is legal to use Empro since you record directly from what you hear, just like old VCR, as long as you use it personally and do not distribute your recorded MP3 commercially.

  9. Free software
  10. Empro is a free software. You just need to get the improved version on this site once your Empro expires.

Buy Empro for ONLY $34.95 USD NOW! (Empro is a free software. But require you to get the upgraded version. If you don't want to upgrade, you could buy it.)

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