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Empro User Guide (Empro 1.0.0/2011)


  1. "enable silence seperation when recording": Empro uses silence detection (3-4 seconds) to determine if the audio ends. In some cases you may want to turn it off and ends the audio manually by either clicking "split" or "stop record" button.

  2. "disable system sound when recording": Empro turns off many system generated sounds by default, so you could only get the sound you want in the recorded MP3.

  3. "enable volume adjustment when recording": Empro adjusts the recorded audio when it ends. You could turn this off if you want to keep the un-adjusted MP3.

  4. "use high bitrate (256kbps)": Empro saves MP3 to 128kbps by default. You may increase to 256, however this doubles the MP3 file size and you may not notice the difference at all.


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