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Empro User Guide (Empro 1.0.0/2011)

How to create a new playlist?

  1. Choose (check) items in the collection panel that you want to add to the new playlist.

  2. Click "add selections to the new playlist" button.

  3. You could repeat the above two steps to add more items to the new playlist.

  4. If you want to add items from other pages (the maximal items in each page is twenty), you could go to other pages and repeat the first two steps.

  5. After you have done with the selections, on the new playlist panel, change the default playlist title if you wants to and click "save to playlist" button to save.

  • Note 1: On playlist view you could reorder the items by clicking "up, down" button or remove items by clicking "x". You could also achieve this from right-click menu.

  • Note 2: After you save, Empro move the new playlist to playlist panel and clear the new playlist panel.

  • Note 3: If you don't want to save the new playlist, click "clear" button.


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