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Empro User Guide (Empro 1.0.0/2011)

How to add title, name, rating, picture to the recorded MP3?

  1. When you are recording, before the audio ends, you could add (or paste) title, name in the title and artist box. Any typing in either one auto triggers Empro to save the recorded track.

  2. Also before audio ends, you could give the track a number of "star" as rating. You could also screen-capture to create album photo for this MP3 (see how to create album photo by screen capture).

  3. Those information are embedded into MP3 file itself. Therefore even you use iPod or any portal MP3 player to play, those information will show.

  • Note 1: You are not required to add those information during recording. You could just click "save" button and add those information later. Empro will auto create "empty" name for title and name with date. You could always add or change those information later by right-click item on the collection panel and choose "properties".


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